This class is available to all grade levels at Oak Ridge. However, as a freshman you must run for either Freshmen President or Freshmen Vice President to get into the class. If you are not elected, you and the other unelected candidates can then apply to be the Freshmen Secretary/Social Media Coordinator. An application to apply for the elected positions may be picked up at Freshmen Orientation or during the first couple days of school.  As a sophomore, junior, or senior you may either run for an elected position or apply for an interview position. You will turn in your form for next year’s classes before interviewing or campaigning; therefore, you must put the ASB Leadership Class on you class selection form. The course number is: #0877 and the class name is Student Leadership. To apply for the class whether running for an elected position or applying for an interview position, you will need to pick up an application packet from the Leadership Room (N-1). The application requires a 1 page minimum essay, teacher evaluations, and student information. If you are applying for an interviewed position you will only need 3 teacher evaluation forms. If you are running for an elected position you will need 5 teacher evaluation forms. Our ASB Leadership Class Constitution contains all of the details on the different positions in the class. The ASB Leadership class puts on all of the activities, events, dances, rallies, Be Change, Unity Week, etc. at Oak Ridge High School. 


This class is designed for freshmen who want to learn the skills and tools to become a successful leader. This class is only a semester long and often replaces either ICT or Health. ICT and Health are still mandatory classes that will need to be taken before graduation. Over the semester you will learn about poster making techniques, the procedures for Student Council Meetings, famous leaders, and you will also help assist ASB Leadership. This will happen by setting up rallies and publicizing for events. If you are interested in taking this class as a freshman you will need to be put onto your class selection form you received towards the end of 8th grade. You do not have to run or be interviewed in order to take this class. All you have to do is put the class on your form. The course number is: #0877F and the class name is Student Leadership I