The ORHS Online Web Store is a great resource that any student and/or parent is able to access. On the online web store you can buy items such as the ASB card, yearbook, dance tickets, PE clothes, PSAT and more! Why wait in the long line, when you can shop online?


Instructions on how to use the online web store:

  • You will need your student ID number. This is a 5 digit number. (Ex: 1****) The number can be found on your student ID card or through you ORHS Aeries Account. If you go through the Aeries account, after logging in, click on student info (profile). In the upper left hand corner, there should be your 5 digit student ID number. See below for visual reference. 
  • In order to access you account, you MUST know your password. If you have never logged into your online account before or if you have never changed your password, your password will be your first initial & last name. 
    • (Ex: John Smith = jsmith)
  • If the online web store says that the password you entered does not work, consider the following:
    • Did anyone in your family log into the account before now and change the password?
    • Are you entering the correct student ID number?
    • Each student on the ORHS campus has their own account. That being said, if you have multiple students who attend ORHS, make sure you are using the correct student ID number and password combination. For example, using Student 1's ID number and Student 2's password, will not give you access to the account.

Important Reminders:

  • If you have to create an account, make sure you create a STUDENT account.
  • Each student on the ORHS web store has their own account. If you are purchasing an item for multiple students, you MUST do so on each individual account. Here is an example. Let's say you want to buy dance tickets for John Smith and Jane Doe. You will have to buy (1) ticket under John's account, log out, and then purchase the other ticket under Jane's account. If you do not do this, it will result in the one student having both items. So in this case, if you bought (2) tickets under John's account, assuming it would count for Jane, John's name would show up twice on the Dance list and Jane would not be able to gain entry into the dance. It is very important that you purchase each item under the correct student account. 
  • There are some items on the online web store that you may not purchase if you have a fine. If you have a fine, you will need to clear it through the ORHS Finance Office before you can purchase that item. Finance Office Hours Monday - Friday: 7:15 AM - 8:30 AM, Nutrition Break, Lunch, & 2:50 PM - 3 PM. 
  • If you are bring a Non-ORHS student to a dance, you MUST obtain a guest pass. In this situation, you CANNOT use the online web store. You will have to purchase yours and your guest's tickets at the same time through the ORHS Finance Office. 

Contact Us:

If you have tried everything and your account still will not work, please contact our finance office:

Terri Moore

Oak Ridge High School Finance Specialist

(916) 933-6980 Ext. 3040