The Oak Ridge High School Respect For All campaign was established in an effort to develop a sustainable school culture that is safe and welcoming for all students that is free of prejudice, bigotry, discrimination, and exclusion. Oak Ridge is committed to creating a culture of respect, dignity, safety, and honoring the worth of every individual.  

Oak Ridge High School has a fantastic Art Media Club that provides unique videos, to help express each lesson that is taught through Respect for All.  The videos that follow were created and produced by Oak Ridge students. To facilitate storytelling, the Art and Media Club has set up a website: Students or staff can go there to tell their stories anonymously. The website is a great example of one way a club or group can contribute to changing our campus culture. What might you do in your sphere of influence? 

You can also visit the Oak Ridge High School Respect for All Website by going to

This year's Respect for All Theme is: "All In"